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Maxwell Davidson Gallery

Location: Manhattan, NY

Area: 7,500 SF

Budget: $1.5 Million

In Collaboration with Murdock Solon

Located at 521 West 26th Street, the Maxwell Davidson Gallery occupies the building's highest penthouse. Inside, the lower level includes offices, a gallery space, and art storage. The top level is a bright gallery space that opens onto the outdoor sculpture garden, complete with stunning views of the Hudson River and Empire State Building. With a focus on sculpture as a predominant art medium, special structural support is integrated into the terrace design. The support structure is designed to be hidden below the terrace pavers to set up a flexible system for the installation of different work.


Benrubi Gallery

Location: Manhattan, NY

Area: 3,500 SF

Budget: $500,000

Located on the 2nd Floor of 521 West 26th Street, the Benrubi Gallery, founded in 1987 by the late Bonni Benrubi, is one of the leading photography galleries in the United States with a focus on 20th Century and contemporary works. 

The gallery’s program includes important established mid-career artists such as Stéphane Couturier, Doug Hall, Jacqueline Hassink, Laura McPhee, Jeffrey Milstein, Michael Najjar, Simon Norfolk, Matthew Pillsbury, Richard Renaldi, and Massimo Vitali as well as such emerging notable talents as Delphine Burtin, Eric Cahan, and Lauren Semivan.

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